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I am not trying to convert you to believe in a subject you might be opposed to, but rather to share my over forty years experiences as a psychic reader, medium and metaphysical teacher to dispel mysteries, superstitions and misconceptions surrounding psychic readers and readings. Even if you doubt  people possess psychic abilities or readings are worthwhile I am confident your thoughts regarding this subject will change after finishing the book. 

My ESP Quiz at the end of my book The Timeless Counselor: The Best Guide to a Successful Psychic Reading will help you to determine what your psychic or ESP abilities are the strongest.  

Possessing psychic abilities (also known as ESP––extra sensory perception or in Russia as super sensory perception) is not the exclusive property of a select group of people. ESP occurs often daily and it can be developed to use at will.  
You can develop your abilities by conducting some easy fun experiments, such as using a deck of playing cards and “guessing” or “reading” the cards by color or suit without looking at them until after your prediction.

Types of ESP: 

Telepathy, the most easily accepted and recognized ability, is nonverbal communication. When one picks up another’s thoughts from across a room or the world, the communication is telepathic. Think of a time when you had a sudden urge to contact a particular person––perhaps the face flashed across your mind––and after contacting your friend he remarked, “I was just thinking of you!” Obviously, both of you were on the same mental waves as you communicated telepathically. Telepathy is a great source of communication when words cannot be expressed.

Psychometry is the ability to receive information about a person or an object through physical touch. For example, when you are shopping for a book and you pick one up, then another, and finally sense which book feels right for you, you are using psychometric ability by shopping through touch.

Psychokinesis is the ability to alter the physical environment through the powers of the mind. Have you ever carried anything that was very heavy, and for that moment, told yourself it was light as a feather and finding the heavy object to suddenly feel lighter to you?

Clairvoyance (clear vision): visions, dreams and images that can be of the past, present, or future without prior knowledge. Test your ability by writing your predictions about the next day’s news or headlines. You can check out your accuracy the following day. What did you mentally think? This is called precognition, which is the ability to predict future events. 

Clairaudio: (clear hearing) hearing messages or information unknown to you with no prior knowledge, or thinking of them.

Clairsentience (clear feeling): sense through the body of changes, events to happen or that which happened without prior knowledge.

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