Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happiness Runs in a Circular Motion.

A while back I had read an article on the front page of a daily newspaper about a study on how happiness is infectious and that emotions and even health issues such as acne and headaches are spread among friends and family and even amongst groups with no connection to why.
I liked this thought and for many years I find myself singing "Happiness runs in a circular motion, you can be happy if you just try." (Donovan song) and especially sing it when the blues hit me to bring myself back up.
And to the researchers about how others share happiness I suggest to the researchers that it' is telepathic communication. Telepathy consists of mental images, symbols and words shared between two or more people in present time.
This includes across distance as the "happiness study" revealed. When my son was away at college I awoke one night with a dreaded feeling that he was in trouble. My husband assured me it was just part of the "empty nest" feelings. Next day my sister called asking if my son had come home because she thought she saw him walking past her home but when checking outside, then he disappeared. That day my son called to say he had an accident with minor injuries and, although he was okay, it frightened him. Of course, not all telepathic messages are negative as the study of happiness proves.
Telepathic communication has two aspects -- sending and receiving information. Receiving is a basic survival skill. In order to be secure and safe, one must be aware of the surrounding subtle and not so subtle messages.
Those stronger at sending telepathic messages are action type people who move forward with confidence. They can accomplish goals easily by sending messages of what and who is needed to accomplish their goals.
When balanced between the two telepathic abilities we can carefully choose which messages to send and which to receive.
Which are you? And how to affect or are effected by those around you? Test yourself.
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