Saturday, February 5, 2011



There here I was, sitting across from my friend who had become bible-practicing Christian in the past few years. We were having a difference about religious beliefs and it wasn't going well. A knife could slice the tension.

We've known each other for about twenty-something odd years are we've good supportive friends agreeing on most things. We both come from immigrant families, her first generation, me fob, and both grew up in the same city (San Francisco) and went to parochial schools; married and divorced young. And now both are authors. Suzette (her name) is also a well-respected columnist. Her books on Amazon do very well.

Suzette has always been a wonderful encouragement to my creativity and advising me about my writings. In fact helped and guided me when I was writing my novel about a religious family and their daughter who was heading to witchcraft. And did so without judgment.

But now we both made the spiritual choices that were as different as oil and water.
She has a good place in my life. My heart. But the differences were quite obvious. To me, her questions, more like an interrogation - well she had worked in the legal profession. But her questioning began to chap my hide. Had we become that different?
I became quiet in voice, body language and then I breathed. Not a response from me to her questions and opinions. A thought was needed, but which?

She said, "Junie, when I bring up my religious viewpoints, you become defensive."

I thought, "Yes, I do. I don't want you to push your stuff on me" as I studied her. She's feisty, a Leo, fiery and outspoken. Not unlike myself. And a good woman - a good friend. She braved her own community and friends to support my book. She had a large book party with some guests her church to...a scary thing since it is not of her religious beliefs and dogmas.

I said, "Yes, you are right, I do feel defensive."

That truth broke whatever barrier had been created. Like wise crones we are, we began to discuss our religious and spiritual thoughts and practices. We opened our minds to understand each other. We braved our differences and we are friends as before. It is as it, we surmised. Friends can do this if they are willing to open to face differences and with courage are willing to embrace and move beyond them. We are sisters on a journey to self-realization.
Viva la difference, Sister! Blessed be. Amen!

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