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Spells, prayers and affirmations are similar. 
They are all forms of communication and telepathic messages. 
In what way, you might ask.
Spoken and unspoken words.
Physical and mental creations

When we speak aloud and at times silently a spell, prayer, or  affirmation we are making a statement or a request to someone or something outside ourselves or to the inner self. For instance one might say, "I pray I have enough strength to continue with ___________."

In that statement of intention there is no called upon deity, it is more to self. See?

All three have common components: a desire or need, a focus outside themselves to attain the desire or need and faith in the power and that the plea, creation and intention is heard and in the progress of manifesting. Of course they all use the power of words.

As a writer (four books later) I understand the power of words, how to present to paint a picture, to engage another to hear (read) for further interaction, or catch that though and/or emotion of another.

Words are powerful. Learn to chose positive, powerful, and descriptive words that convey and paint a true picture of what you are thinking and hoping to manifest in your might, be it words that are poetic, magical, straight forward, but be careful of how you pose those words.

(Please note: these archives can be available upon request: To hear more about the topic listen to my May 6, 2014 radio show)

A spell is direct in wording and intention - this is what I'm creating through the power of myself, the clarity of my mind,  the help of the universe (planets, Divine sources as in goddess and gods) and the energy from above, below and all around.)

Those who cast depend upon their own ability and self-power along with the energy/vibrations surrounding them as in the universe, to manifest their dreams, visions, wants, needs etc.

They cal in the power of energies from the four directions, east (air -mental clarity); south (fire- action, energy, passion); west (water - dreams, visions, spiritual connections) and north (earth - results, products, practicality)  to support and enlighten them to create. They will also call in the energies from above (heavens) and below (the earth).

Before casting a spell it is advised do everything humanly possible to attain whatever one wants. Actions: have your actions followed your thought? You want a a good paying job? What prep work have you done before the job?

Just don't go cast a spell without first thinking what will it mean to your life and the life of those of others? Is it really what you want? Beware of what you ask for idea.

Once you have completed your spell don't look back. Give it time to work. Don't cast it again for at least thirty days or longer. That's unless you're doing a three, seven or nine day spell consecutively or have decided to do it once a week twice or thrice.

Prayers are asking for many things. I pray each and everyday. I'll often say the Hail Mary.

Some people pray by asking for little things, as in let me pass this test, let my team win the game (really? Like God or whichever deity is thinking yeah, beat someone else and let them feel badly); show me a sign he or she loves me or like me I pray too often for St. Anthony to find lost items (I'm cutting back on that.) Of course, sometimes we pray for big things like for a miracle in a dire medical situation or world peace.

Prayers can have too many words. Rambling thoughts. Desperate, pleading words for God, Allah, whomever, to fix whatever. Certainly in those worst moments of life, in dire times, we are desperate for a relief of our situation, our pain. Often we use words from prayers learned rather than prayers from your heart. People often go on and on, talking to their Divine Connection, pouring out emotions, making deals, reminding God etc how they are good people, worthy people or unworthy and now they see the error of their ways.

Most people learn to pray by being dependent upon an entity greater than and outside of themselves to provide a hopeful successful outcome to a need, want and/or dream. They ask permission from this source. They give their power to this entity to receive if the entity deems them worthy. There are those who bargain, if you give me this then I will do this_______.

If you are praying for an outcome of a rather serious need, remember to stop praying/talking and listen for your Divine Being. Then you can hear or realize the response, the message.  Praying is talking, meditating is listening.  Have faith. Believe

Their faith can often be focused outside of themselves whereas one who uses spells, depends upon her or his inner faith.

Creative Visualization - Goal setting and practical applications followed by an affirmation: Creative Visualize is powerful for it is the images, symbols and all created in the mind. To be most successful at creative visualization take time to be clear.  Check what you are thinking (what mental wording is floating through your). Have a talk with yourself to clear up any negative and/or fearful thoughts about what it is you wish to create in life, different from what you have now. I suggest you write what you are planning on creating. Once you've done that go through what you wrote and rewrite it in simple sentences, no more than three. Does it sound reasonable? Are the words in line with the picture in your mind?

When you do this you are in a  better place to start creating. A bit of both inside and outside yourself is taking place - direct focus and placing faith in another occurs. For instance you understand that you will take action to fulfill your goal while realizing you are pulling in the assistance of a source outside your present conciseness.  I.e. " I'm also dependent upon the support of another or others to fulfill this goal."

Of course a goal setter can also cast a spell as well as pray. See Ask the Coaches ( ask) for some goal setting and achieving advice.

Affirmations: I like affirmations no matter how I'm manifesting and/or praying for. An affirmation is a simple, one sentence thought to create a feeling, a power, and/or a situation. Positive (and negative) wording mentally, written and spoken aloud create an energy. "I create loving people in my life to support my goals." - Nice and simple, no? Simple wording you can remember, your brain can absorb and following your thoughts, your actions will support.

Write an affirmation at least three times a day 3 or 9 times (you decide) for twenty-one days then put down your pen and let it all happen. Chances are, it's already occurring before the twenty-one days are over. Pay attention to the often subtle signs, the steps leading you forward. Trust me on this one. Sometimes it seems, like in prayers and spells as though you're not getting what you want. If done properly, it is in the process.

I do all to fulfill my valuable goals and live authentically my purpose and mission in life. Blessed be you and your dreams and goals this year.

Which do you prefer and what is the outcome? Which have you not used and are willing to do now?

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