Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'm A Bleepin' Bloggin' Failure

I learned something today - I'm a blogging failure. I didn't follow the rules - again.

I read that to gain an audience - readership - for your blog, you have to blog daily! You have to let your readers know they can count on you to show up and tell all, complain, blame, shame, opinionate! and please, do bare your deepest darkest secrets and greatest dreams and wishes. This way you connect with your readers or some might hate you and comment how much they do.

Just do it consistently - each day - okay, take a weekend off - go on vacation - MAYBE.

Sh&&! There's that consistent thing again! It haunts me, more than my worst vampire entity does. Up until last week I used to point my Gemini fingers and plead "two minds" many thoughts, which way they go - and my standard "here today, gone today, round n' round I go. " Why take my readers down that rambling path of my inconsistent thoughts?

And now with the changes in sign learning that I'm a Taurus - - s-l-o-w and c-o-n-s-i-s-t-e-n-t - there's no reason for not blogging everyday, or even once a week.

Maybe I just don't think all my life and daily thoughts - which are numerous - need to be read about each and every day. I do have a life, as scattered as it might be. I do daily stuff - the obvious but not necessarily in the same order. I know my readers have a life outside the blogging world of "here's my pain, here's my insight, here's my gripe".

So here's my blog for this month or week or whatever.

p.s. keep your personal sh&(* to yourself or at least only your three closets FB, MS, Twitter, etc etc friends - the rest - remain a bit of a mystery. Maybe a friend will call to hear all about your day.

Off to cast a spell.

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