Friday, October 8, 2010

Religion-Fair & Equal to Women?

Religious people too often condemn me for being a pagan and witch. Even when I hope to soften my spiritual choice by saying, "I'm a Wicca", a title I hope sounds a bit more acceptable, they look skeptically or at times fearfully, at me and draw away.

How could this happen to a nice former Catholic girl such as myself? What demon seduced to me to prance around under the moon naked to the world? What evil spirit took control of my innocent Catholic soul calling me to cast spells? Honestly, it was a progression rather than a possession.

I have heard a lot of bad stories from former Catholics and especially from those who attended Catholic school. I have a few also, along with and funny ones. Most of my thoughts are cherished memories such as about the nuns who taught me. Of course, there was always "that nun" who I found unusually cruel and should not have been around children, but there was also "that nun" who carried me forward, guiding and building into her teachings a love for literature, or once finally my fear of math transformed under kindness.

When I chose to leave my religion I took some reasonable philosophical and spiritual concepts. Catholicism began my connection to a deep caring for, and practice in, spirituality. For this I am forever grateful. Later mixing and matching other teachings, I created a satisfying spiritual practice.

It wasn't the spirituality of Catholicism that turned me from the Church. It was the "ol' boy" attitude that started my exodus. It wasn't the nuns that caused me to fear my beliefs; it was the how females bought into that attitude - men are superior proven by the fact that they decide all-important decisions.

I experienced Catholicism is stuck in a religious dogma that does not allow for progressive social changes. If you are a practicing Catholic and attend Mass regularly look around you. What you more often than not will see are many more females - old, middle-aged and young girls. Yes, there are often male children, a few younger or middle-aged men and senior males. The Catholic Church is supported more by the participation of females than of the opposite sex. Then why don't the females have stronger roles? Don't give me Jesus built his church upon the men story again -that was history - a time when men had the freedom to do that.

That in it self and also being a freethinking and outspoken woman, I turned away from the religion I was born into.

Outside of Wicca I have not found religions to be fair and equal for a female to hold a strong and influential role such as a pope, mullah, or rabbi as religious leaders and not in the role of wives and mothers. I'm opened to learning about religions that support a woman in decision-making roles for the religion's laws and dogmas.

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