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Hark! Hark to the wind! 'Tis the night, they say,When all souls come back from the far away
The dead, forgotten this many a day!

– Virna Sheard, Poet –

Halloween – dress up to the stars  - dress down to the bone, it’s all for amusement, right? 

This time of year was a sacred time for many such as the Celts to honor their elderly, ancestors, and the dead with special rituals and celebrations. Festivities and rituals of these  can be found in Celtic paganism history and later Catholic holy days were a combination of pagan beliefs with a day to honor the saints.

In the Celtic pagan tradition it was thought that the veils between the two worlds - the living and dead - thinned so spirits of the dead could walk the earth to visit their living relatives. Then they crossed back over to the “underworld”.

What if you could spend time with your loved ones who passed - even for a brief moment? 

During the spirits’ visit spooky things happened, as you can imagine. The living would dress-up in hopes that some spirits wouldn’t recognize and haunt them. But if they wanted the spirits to visit they would invite them with a similar ritual below.

To connect with the spirits of your loved ones to say hello and/or ask a question sit quietly indoor or out in nature (under the night sky is lovely) and/or do this beautiful sacred ritual. Reconnect during the most psychic energic time of All Hallows Eve (10/31), All Saint's Day (11/1) to Dead of the Dead (11/2).

• Photo of deceased
• Pen (perhaps a favorite color)
• Paper
• Flower – any kind
• Incense – pleasant plus helps create a mood
• Candles – white, black and orange – white for clear visions, black for spiritual unknown and orange for season and color of renewal
• Burning vessel – ashtray or cauldron and matches to light your incense and candles

• Glass or bowl of water – signifies the other world and also can douse any fire mishaps.
• Sweet beverage in a nice glass – Symbolic gesture for visiting spirit guests
• Table or clothe on floor – lay the above upon.
• Chair - optional

You can do it simply by lighting a white candle, place it in a window along with a treats and add a chair for a spirit to sit and visit.

Light your incense and candles.

Quiet yourself for a few minutes or longer, then say, ‘Only good can enter herein.’ Perhaps add a prayer to the Divine to bring forth healing, loving energies and protect you from negative fearful thoughts and/or energies. After all it is Halloween and negative energies/entities also roam free along with your loved ones’ spirits.

Remember to snuff candle before leaving the room for the night.

Next - make a list of all of those who have passed, and how they affected your life. I write a thank you to my departed loved ones for what they gave me: love and support. To my ancestors I acknowledge the blessings such as the abilities and talents passed down that has help me to live fully.

You can fold the paper, burn it. As the paper burns it turns to smoke rising up and is symbolic for sending your thought to the mental psychic airwaves. Doing either is ‘mailing your message’. Or, fold and keep it overnight to bury or throw it in a moving body of water.

Peer into the water, relax and connect to the psychic mind - perhaps an image will form or a memory will be recalled. After that, invite your spirits to visit by taking your white candle, sweets and beverage to a window so as they walk the earth they will see the light and recognize you (home.)

Stay as long as you like, thinking of your loved ones, talking to her or him. If you hear, think or sense a message was given, take note it for later examination. Or, after your ritual (remember to snuff the candles and incense), you might dream about the spirits. It's easier for for them to communicate in this way.

Spirits often can’t get through to their loved ones because the grief is so strong. To the best of your ability, endeavor to be calm, upbeat and peaceful. You might get a message for another (relative or friend); if you do, share it.

Spirit communication is often stronger when conducted with others so perhaps another might want to do this ritual with you.

Wishing you a merry frolicking good time and a cauldron full of blessings.

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