Friday, July 9, 2010

Do Fat Witches Fly Lower? Bumpy, bumpy...fat butt dragging along.

Marielle fat Witch says no!

At my heaviest weight I said, “F@*# it, and bought “big jeans” and red lipstick, and then met a wonderful man, who I would later marry.

Recently I was interviewed by Big Girl Bombshell

"What have been a few struggles with your weight and body image?" I was asked.

HA! A few? LIKE: Weight & Acceptance - Self and Others. Weight and Romance. Weight and Social Standing. Weight and Professional Success. WAIT! A lot of wasted years hoping and praying to "fit in." If only I were thin- even the years where thinner became a constant wish.

What would we be doing if not thinking and fretting over, Is my butt too big? Does my belly stick out? Are you sure I look good in this?

Thinking and feeling badly about yourself can take the good of the day and turns it into an unhappy less fulfilled one? Could it be one of the biggest waste of time?

What else would be doing with your precious life time?

Sadly the majority of women (and maybe some men) have an issue around their weight. Fat, skinny, flat chested, top-heavy, and I've heard even beautifully built women speak negative about their body image.

As a witch I enjoy my physical world more and hence enjoy the beauty of my own self. In fact, in that enjoyment I've learned to take better care of myself body because as a witch I go skyclad. Skyclad at my altar and also in the company of my coven.

In my novel, The Skye in June, one of the daughter's body image leads to more physical abuse.

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