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A Tribute to My Mother who we called "mammy"

Article: July, 2010

We just celebrated my mother's ninetieth (90) birthday at her favorite tea room and concluded the luncheon by exchanging tealeaf readings, which we learned from mom.

Being a Scottish family a good hot cuppa of black loose-leafed tea blended perfectly with milk and sugar, This was our breakfast brew.

Sometimes when the cups were emptied my mother would read our tea leaves -only for fun she'd remind us, being a good and faithful Catholic. No shenanigans with that "old black magic beliefs!" She was devoted to Mary, Our Lady, Jesus' mother, and when any of her children were in dire need for help Mom would be asked to speak to Our Lady on our behalf. The problem was more often than not cleared up. Now, you couldn't ask too often or for frivolous things. Yes, Mom had an in with Mary.

As far back as I can remember Mom has loved the mysterious and supernatural. Her love for spooky and "unusual" sparked an interest in her children, an interest that continued to grow as we did. Like some of my siblings (the rest are in denial I think) I read the tealeaves, (of course), tarot cards, aura's, and see spirits as did my mother.

Although she'd never admit to having special psychic abilities, Mom also had prophetic dreams and saw spirits - the first she mentioned was her brother Alec who drowned during WWII.  Whilst on her honeymoon she saw him appear at the foot of the bed hours before the news of his death came to the family.

When we were kids we'd sit with mouth's hanging open at the breakfast table as she recounted, in great dramatic detail, the previous night's television program One Step Beyond (too late for us kids). Afterward we'd have to scamper down the steep San Francisco hills to a day with the nuns, head full of spooky images with the promise not to speak a word of it.

Friday nights we'd get to stay up late and with her would watch The Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

She's not crazy about me being a witch though or preferring the free thinking Rosicrucian knowledge and practice. Mom is mostly dismayed about some of her daughters being witches and pagans, wishing we'd have remained faithful to Catholicism as she has. But on an odd day Mom says, Maybe I'm the head witch, eh? Giving her sweet smile.

Living through the bombings of Glasgow during World War ll, emigrating to Canada on an ocean liner with five kids (father looking for more lucrative work), back to Scotland with one more kid and once again following my father to the USofA now with seventh kid (the one in pic above with Mom) where #8 and last baby was welcomed, surviving the crazy and wild times of her teen children during of the San Francisco 1960s,  and all the other things that come with eight kids and a strong-willed husband, I think my mother is a most wonderful woman. Blessed be.

How has your mother influenced your abilities and talents?

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Witches do marry -- whether it be a handfasting ceremony and/or a legal affair (according to the man-made laws of the land).

My husband and I married both ways––handfasting in ‘02 and civil ceremony in ’06.

Like other brides and grooms everywhere, witches (includes pagans and Wiccans) wish for their wedding vows, rituals and celebrations to be beautiful, memorable and reflective of their spiritual beliefs.

Witches, you can have a wedding that is a true expression of witchcraft (pagan - Wiccan) beliefs and values. Start by creating your own wedding vows––words that reflect your true intentions and magic. Make your vows a sacred message for all to hear, a message of your devotion to the goddess(es), one that speaks of the power of your love and the purpose of uniting as a family.Blessed be.

“Handfasting and Wedding Rituals: Welcoming Hera's Blessing” by Raven Kaldera suggests about how to create a holy pagan/witch/wiccan wedding.

After our San Francisco City Hall wedding my husband and I exchanged promises at our reception with family and friends. We had written them on special paper with a selected colored pens. I also read an old Celtic poem. Afterward the readings we burned the papers in a cauldron, sending the words up into the ether toward the heavens--a common w/w/p ritual. A ceremony of lighting a unity candle (two figures intertwined) followed.

Another way of making a ritual of your vows is after exchanging them, place the paper in a circle on an altar set up for your wedding. The circle can be drawn before or at the time of the ceremony and made from small stones, crystals, shells or rose petals. Or you can choose to burn them in a fire-proof container at the altar or later. Scatter the ashes in a moving body of water or bury in the ground.

If older family members or those of another religion are guests, perhaps consider including something conventional rituals or religious aspects in a show respect. It can help bring them accept and celebrate your pagan union in a joyous way. The word God might be said, as would The Lady and The Lord, or a goddess, such as the Greek goddess Hera or Roman name, Juno. Perhaps ask a parent or grandparent to light a unity candle.

After exchanging rings blend the red rope handfasting ritual. Clasp hands and with the free hands tie a ribbon around the united hands.

Jump the Broom - old pagan wedding ritual - at the altar stand within a circle drawn beforehand or the bride’s attendees can draw a circle around the couple before or after the vows are exchanged. After the vows one of your wedding party can lay the broom down for both to jump.

Jumping the broom marks the beginning of making a home together and symbolizes that the groom and bride physically and spiritually crossing the threshold into the land of matrimony. As they sweep away the old and the welcome the new they begin a new life together with a clean sweep!

Witch, Wiccan or pagan ceremonies and rituals begin the magic with Calling in the The Four Corners (Elements.) You can use a wand or your finger as you move around the four directions. You can light a candle placed in each direction also.

Face the East - As we welcome the sun each morning, the dawn of a new day I welcome in energy of the east.
Face the South - As I welcome the spark of the day to spark the fire of my actions I welcome in the energy of the south
Face the West - As I leave my dream world I bring them forth into my waking day to manifest within the right time. I welcome the energy of the west.
Face the North - As I bring into form that which I am manifesting, that which I work to create I weclome the energy of the north.

All around: I welcome the powers of above, the powers from below and the powers all around.

Or use this one or do it also later in the ceremony you might want to acknowlede the corners again in a different order for the handfasting/wedding ceremony:

Face the south:
 From fire comes love and warmth. The spark that created our passion. Welcome Fire!

Face the West
 Water is the giver and purifier of life, sustaining us, as it will this marriage.

Air breaths new life into love.
 Giving both _______ and ______ the freedom to be themselves.

The earth upon which we walk provides us with our home and our future.

Candles are very Witchy - aren't they? and also culturally and religiously acceptable to many: During our reception my husband's daughter and my son lit separate candles and then presented each to us. After receiving the candle, we newly weds then lit a “unity couple” candle of a man and woman united in wax. It burned throughout the reception in a safe fire-proof container away from guests bumping into it but where it could be seen. Or,you can light separate candles placed close, but not touching. As the candles burn down the wax merges. As a minister when officiating at weddings I provide two image or figure candles set on a platter together and later after they have burned down, I “read” the wax combination for the couple.

What to wear? Witches can and do, wear traditional clothing. The bride -- white gown or full ritual witch clothing. Where to buy witch clothing? You can put together a gown that might look like Elvira's maybe in white though rather than her black or black if that is what you wish, or visit a Renaissance or Celtic faire for capes and dresses. And, let us not forget that special sexy (witches are very sensual beings) undergarments, something a bit deliciously wicked!

Here's a few websites to help your wedding day be magical one. Blessed be. Therefore it is:

Photographs witch wedding and jumping the broom with permission by

Merry meet, merry part and merry meet again. Wishing you a very joyous union of love.

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Do Fat Witches Fly Lower? Bumpy, bumpy...fat butt dragging along.

Marielle fat Witch says no!

At my heaviest weight I said, “F@*# it, and bought “big jeans” and red lipstick, and then met a wonderful man, who I would later marry.

Recently I was interviewed by Big Girl Bombshell

"What have been a few struggles with your weight and body image?" I was asked.

HA! A few? LIKE: Weight & Acceptance - Self and Others. Weight and Romance. Weight and Social Standing. Weight and Professional Success. WAIT! A lot of wasted years hoping and praying to "fit in." If only I were thin- even the years where thinner became a constant wish.

What would we be doing if not thinking and fretting over, Is my butt too big? Does my belly stick out? Are you sure I look good in this?

Thinking and feeling badly about yourself can take the good of the day and turns it into an unhappy less fulfilled one? Could it be one of the biggest waste of time?

What else would be doing with your precious life time?

Sadly the majority of women (and maybe some men) have an issue around their weight. Fat, skinny, flat chested, top-heavy, and I've heard even beautifully built women speak negative about their body image.

As a witch I enjoy my physical world more and hence enjoy the beauty of my own self. In fact, in that enjoyment I've learned to take better care of myself body because as a witch I go skyclad. Skyclad at my altar and also in the company of my coven.

In my novel, The Skye in June, one of the daughter's body image leads to more physical abuse.

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