Sunday, June 13, 2010


At a book party for my novel a guest piped up, "Oh! I wish you weren't a witch!"

I replied, "I wish you weren't a Catholic."

"But you seem so nice to be a witch," said she.

She learned that you can't judge a book by its cover.

After I had finished reading an excerpt of my novel the many questions and comments about life in San Francisco during the book's era commenced.

My book parties seem to attract, not only avid book readers, but often women who have attended Catholic schools (or are Catholics) With my book parties in and around San Francisco I've encountered many who know or know of, the same people that I do. We really are much like a large family with relatives and mutual friends spread out throughout the City.
The latest party in San Francisco was with a book club that has been meeting for about twenty years and is made up of of mostly former San Francisco Catholic students.Within a few moments I also discovered that one woman worked with one of my sister-in-laws at a school in the City. The same in-laws that had lived only up the block from where the party was held.

Upon mentioning the SF parochial grammar school (was in Eureka Valley area) that I had attended, right away a few names were tossed at me.

Yes, her I know, - he was in my sister's class - no I don't know him but I'll ask my husband who was one year behind me.

Once again, the major theme of my book - prejudices (don't judge until you experience a person for yourself) was played out right there. You see, one never really knows about another, different in religion, color, etc is truly like until a meeting takes place. Some in that group learned that witches can be good fun people. And from a few comments (quietly) said to me, I do believe there were a couple of goddess worshippers (Wiccans.)

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