Sunday, April 25, 2010


I like to have fun with my psychic abilities - not all work you know. So here's some fun predictions for May.

Stirring up the waters of life in my cauldron these MAY visions were revealed to me: (read the sign you're born under & your rising one, if you know it.)

CAPRICORN: Don’t mix and match goals, rather stay steady with one or two until a result is realized. Take a Pisces to lunch for new ideas.

AQUARIUS: Patience is your 2010 word, but for now move forward with gusto to get commitments from others. If none is given by the end of May, well there you have it ~ move to those who will support your goals.

PISCES: Get away, get over it, get on – distance yourself from other’s “issues”, giving them time to be reasonable. Play with those who enjoy your charming intuitive reflections and praise your kindness. Let the others eat ....alone!

ARIES: What you see and hear IS IT. You can’t get others to change to your likings at this time, even your fiery charms will not turn them on. Spend time blowing off steam with fast physical activities.

TAURUS: You can’t fix Humpty Dumpty to perfection. Life isn't perfect right now. Can you let it be okay with cracks and missing pieces at this time? The answer(s) comes later in May of how, why and when.

GEMINI: People are not listening, so take a break with a furry friend and a walk in nature to talk to the birds and bees. A spark of life not found this year begins to be ignited.

CANCER: Spruce up the place; prepare good food, and you will charm those who support your goals and dreams. They're just waiting for someone like you.

LEO: Sorry, it’s true, your fame is not glowing because you’re only hoping rather than strategizing. Settle down to one goal, no matter how small and don't try to tackle all at one time. By the end of May you will be into a new groove.

VIRGO: You said WHAT? Check your communication with loved ones because feelings have been hurt. You might have been right, but what is important, right or a good team to support your cause? Yes, someone has to leave, but have her or him leave without burning bridges.

LIBRA: The scales are tipped in your favor as far as another needing to please you rather than visa versa. TAke a gamble, ask for more than ever from relatives and good friends. Don't take "we'll see" - it's yes or no.

SCORPIO: The road to financial gain continues to put pebbles in your shoes, but know that you’re gaining ground. Make sure you pat the earth around you securely by not adding another debt or going for the gold. Steady. See Aquarius.

SAGITTARIUS: Love is not to be conquered, rather it is to be romanced, purr like a Leo, stroke like a Gemini and love blossoms. Have a "Maypole" party, dance, laugh and be the usual life of the party.

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