Friday, April 16, 2010

Good Witch, Bad Witch, Which?

Which Witch am I?



People often ask me that when learning that I’m a witch.

Does that mean that we witches practice either white or black magic? No.

ach witch must answer for her or himself.

If one is a gossiper, liar, and/or controlling then she/he is just that, whether she is a witch or muggle. For instance, a person in a group gossips, judges and says negative things about another member, is it reflective of the group or the person’s pettiness and mean-spirited attitude? E

Alas, I must confess, it’s not always easy to be a goodie, goodie white witch all the time, especially when you know you wield a certain power of bending and shaping your world around you: A witch can only strife to create with integrity. Most run along the gray line when casting a spell.

Unfortunately, an ugly rumor was started that all witches are evil or live on the dark side––not to be confused with the wild side where many witches do enjoy being.

True, there are witches practicing on the darker shade of white magic. Black magic can be very powerful and carries strong ju-ju (medicine, power or magic.) It is controlling without the care of negative effects upon another, others or environment (a familiar ring with our political/spiritual world conditions?).

An example of white or black magic could be a love interest. A person desires to retain the love of another, who may not be reciprocating (perhaps is involved with another). A black magic spell would control or bend, with no thought of whom it might hurt, the heart of love interest. White magic: forgo securing that lover if she or he isn’t a willing participant, but do create a loving partner into your life. That way the witches decree, with harm to none, is better applied.

Witchcraft includes a three fold times belief; whatever you do comes back to you three times and therefore,like any thing we want whether we attain through setting goals, praying or casting a spell, it begins with a person’s integrity and values.

An educated and honorable witch understands this and doesn’t rush to cast a spell without consideration and preparation and having done everything humanly possible.

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