Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring Time Visions

Like my main character in my novel, I too have visions. Although I'm not an astrologer, I stirred up the waters of my cauldron and saw images collecting for springtime for the twelve astrological signs as appears in Coffee Time Magazine Greek/English Corfu, Greece

Aries – One more time, for dramatics, ram those horns against the door of changes and adventures. Are you forcing results or others to perform to your will? If doors aren’t opening, back off to re-think your approach. Make no extreme decisions about disharmonious relationships until the fires of disagreements burn down. Be mellow ~ you aren’t that hardheaded.

Taurus – The grass may be greener on the other side, but you aren’t there, are you? Be satisfied munching the greenery where you stand while focusing on completing projects by poking along daily. Avoid last minute rush jobs or great stress will result in fatigue. Be patient with loved ones’ annoying questions.

Gemini – Buckle up. The ride is bumpy as projects seemingly fall apart, bringing frustration and confusion. Find alone time to re-evaluate and write a list of all your projects and goals. Then tear it in half because most are wasting your time and energy, as are some people. Focus on productive goals and relationships and put aside the others for now.

Cancer – Stretch and then some. Goals are percolating, as results show soon. You’ll need energy to keep up with professional and social opportunities so be in good physical shape. Surround yourself with upbeat winners who encourage your visions. Don’t miss important deals because you feel crabby and not in the mood for people.

Leo – Stinging arrows of criticism pierce your sensitive ego. Foul play you cry! Lighten up, roar in the sun, and care not about those mean tongued individuals. Visions of future opportunities pop into your psyche therefore find like-minded others to share “what if?” and “imagine this”, but don’t spend money on ideas until you talk with a Taurus for practical options.

Virgo - Juggling, balancing and seeking the “just right” formula for good relationships keeps you from getting to the bottom line. Don’t try to “fix” problems, rather step back, keep quiet and listen carefully as people reveal their purpose for being with you. Are they truly who you want? Know this, you’re worthy of being cared for as equally as you care for others.

Libra – Hip, hip hurrah! You’ve made up your mind to step into new adventures. Add a Virgo or Sagittarius for planning successfully. Learn to say “no” to those testing your loyal giving nature because you’re too be busy traveling for success for them.

Scorpio –Fly like an eagle up to cloud nine. Others attracted to your secretive, seductive charm, want to be a part of your life dreams, therefore communicate clearly how they can do that. Choose carefully your words for they will manifest results. Verbal activities like singing and learning a new language will bring love to your heart and soul.

Sagittarius – Trot right on down the road of commitment, steady one foot in front of the other. Contracts and agreements will be discussed, maybe even signed. Now is a good time to continue progressing goals regarding professional gains. Relationships from the past reveal why they ended and you can mentally put your guilt or anger to rest. Life is good.

Capricorn – Money problems are not the issue; it’s how you manage money and with whom you manage it with. Look within. Soul search. Are you being a bit stubborn thinking you must live life or fix problems all alone? Broaden your views. You’re a leader but share the role for now, and settle up bills, will you please?

Aquarius – You’re the greatest when it comes to unique ideas. Look to those in position to financially support your talents and abilities. A new position or career brings positive results as others see you clearly. Be patient with the progress. Love can feel elusive because you’re not aware of your admirer.

Pisces – Swim a little deeper, spiraling to the bottom of the ocean to avoid negative whiny people. Your psyche is fragile at this time as your awareness of others’ pain is felt acutely. Take care of your health through proper diet, herbs and/or doctor care, light exercising and rest. Comedy is perfect for entertainment to ease stress. A financial relief, a settlement or unexpected money will come soon.

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