Friday, February 12, 2010

Who Are Psychic Readers?

“My psychic reader said…” Ears perk up when a statement of this kind is made. It certainly invites discussion because of the various opinions that people have about psychic readings and readers pro or con.
Readers are in no way, a new fad. Since the beginning of time and throughout history people have, and still do, consult these timeless counselors. For eons and in every country of the world men and women have sought answers and guidance from prophets, seers, shamans, to astrologers to confer with the stars, cast stones or cards, and brew magical herbal potions to promote strength, sexual prowess, energy and good luck.
People are often unsure of what to expect of a reader’s appearance not realizing that there assortment of individuals who are readers. To many, the idea of a reader conjures up images of a strangely dressed gypsy or a witch, sitting in a darkened room with a crystal ball in front of her while weird music plays in the background. When people learn that I am a psychic they invariably remark, “You look so normal.” While some readers might appear a little strange in dress or behavior most look and act like everyday people. Most readers and healers live quiet, normal lives with families and friends. Many have another career totally unrelated to their psychic work. You may even be living next door to one.
Hollywood’s version of a reader is often portrayed as woman dressed like a gypsy looking into a crystal ball delivering an ominous message or predicting a handsome rich man for come the querent. People then think that all readers are fortunetellers. Fortune telling does focus on predicting future events. The results of a reading like this can be very disappointing or even provoke anger if the predictions of the fortuneteller are not realized. It has been my experience that when people are looking for someone to “fix” their problems and tell them what lays ahead in life, they choose a fortuneteller.
The public hears only about the more famous psychics and the majority of readers remain generally unknown. This doesn’t mean that the unknown readers are any less effective than the better known ones.
The reader you choose and method she uses depends upon your preference. And although the reader can help you understand how powerful you are and assist you in creating a fulfilling future––it is you who are the ultimate decision maker, not the reader!

Excerpt from Chapter one from The Timeless Counselor - A Professional Psychic Reading as Alternative Counselor

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