Thursday, February 11, 2010

Long before I collect all my goodies to perform a spell, like a particular incense, special colored candles and flowers, and whatever else a particular spell might call for to be placed on my altar, the magic of creation and movement of energy begins in my mind. First I go through my thoughts searching for images to match with the emotions that come up as they flash across my mind. I don't always stop at the good feelings. Sometimes I stop at the image or picture that tightens my stomach or my neck aches. What is the connection? Is it fear that I can't have what I'm imaging? Do I fear that what I want is too powerful to hold on to? I make a decision on which image I wish to manifest to an experience in life but before committing, journal about it. The journaling continues to bring clarity and confirmation that I am prepared to perform a ritual that shows I am willing to bring this into my life. By the time I have collected my objects, placed them accordingly and am in the act of the ritual, the magic of birthing my experience is well into a higher state of consciousness where the union of creation and karma have gone into process. Let the magic begin, think, see, hear, feel - it's working. So mote it be.

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